The company "Helios-M Ltd" - one of largest meat processing factories of Lipetsk region. "Helios-M" is a modern enterprise equipped with up-to-date technologies, using classical recipe in combination with western technologies. A team of professionals work at "Helios-M" who constantly work at improving the quality of sausage and meat products, at improving their biological, nutritious and flavouring characteristics

Today the enterprise produces more than 50 the traditional kinds of sausage products: they are half-smoked and cooked-smoked sausages, beef and pork ham, cooked sausages, frakfurters, fried sausages, delicacies. Alongside with the use of the traditional recipes, our highly skilled technologists have developed more than 20 names of products using their recipes and methods. These are ham sausage "Assorti", "Vozrozhdenie", "Alpiyskaya", "Prazdnichnaya"; frankfurters "Yubileinie", "Prazdnichnie", "Vozrozhdenie", "Alpiyskie", "Nostolgiay", "Aromatnie", "Appetitnie", "Raduzhnie".

The main condition of manufacture of sausage products "Helios-M" - strict observance of traditional technologies and recipes, careful selection and check of raw material, use natural seasonings. The extensive geography of the sales market testifies to huge success of our production: Lipetsk, Morshansk, Michurinsk, Kursk, Voronezh, Tambov, Griazy, Elets, Usman, Dankov, Novo Moskovsk, Belgorod, Lebedian, Efremov etc.

The company "Helios-M Ltd" successfully cooperates with such well-known firms, as "Protein Technologies International", "Biotera", "Star casing", "Biostar Trade", "Omega + Raps", "Aromaros-М", "Soyuzsnab", "Vimpel".